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2010-04-09 13:52:41

My Flying Marketing MonkeyI used to work with a programmer who whenever the conversation turned to marketing would say “There just aren’t enough monkeys in advertising”. When one of our suppliers gave me my own Flying Monkey, I immediately thought of Randy and named my monkey the Marketing Monkey. He still sits on my desk. (The monkey, not Randy.) I take him to all of my marketing meetings. And I occasionally shoot him across the room just to hear him scream his monkey sounds.

My children have often attempted to steal my monkey.

The Flying Monkey wears a cape that can be custom imprinted with your logo and promotional message. It includes a sound chip that when activated makes monkey sounds. And it’s stretchy arms allows it to be shot like a slingshot. It’s a great gift. Just ask me!

2010-04-04 14:45:45

Retailers know all about the business of promoting their products before, during, and after holidays and also for various seasonal events, like going back to school. Whether it is for college, high school, or elementary school, major retailers focus on the “back to school season” quite early in advance!

In the world of promotional gifts, the initiative of shopping early is like gospel to some consumers. Purchasing these products early not only enables buyers to avoid rush charges, but it can have a distinct impact if the item is a seasonal giveaway.

So think ahead and shop before the big crowd - the “Back to School” market doesn’t have to be beneficial just for retailers. As they capitalize on the revenue brought in by lap desks, bean bags, chairs, and dorm accessories, figure out a way to target this market to your advantage as well.

As larger merchants and vendors launch their college bound seasonal departments and advertising campaigns at the end June, they put their summer merchandise on clearance. This may seem premature as many elementary and high schools just start their summer vacations at this time. But, it shouldn’t come as such a big surprise. Everyone knows that in the retail market ‘Merry Christmas’ is posted all over stores and malls before kids have even chosen their Halloween costumes.

The average family with children in school will spend several hundred dollars on school supplies each summer, even though they don’t want to. Branded rulers and calculators are simple items and though they may seem boring from the wide variety of items available, they are practical and will very likely get used. Aside from being classic, they’re sure to be on many back to school shopping lists!

Also try to think long-term; the items that students have at the beginning of the year won’t typically last throughout the entire year. Giving out a promotional planner to students can give you twelve months of branding on a daily basis. There are so many choices and possibilities, so get on board early, plan ahead, and promote your business before the back to school market disappears!

2010-04-02 14:21:19

If you need to promote your business, think about ordering printed mugs that have things like your logo, company name, and website name imprinted on them. Promotional coffee mugs are popular in company kitchens, and unless they break, they are a gift that will be used over and over again. How can you go wrong with a gift that keeps on giving?

As far as promotional items go, mugs are an affordable and fairly inexpensive way to get a company name out there to a target market. They present a very economical path for long term marketing effects.

There are usually new employees coming on board and joining companies; having printed mugs in the kitchen will help the new employees with company name recognition and messaging. Everyone spends time in the company kitchen and the mugs are always there displaying your information. There are many vendors or sell and customize such mugs, and they’re even more inexpensive when purchased in bulk quantities.

The company you choose to make your mugs should provide you with many choices of colors, shapes and sizes - the possibilities may seem endless. They also can use a company logo file that you email to them for the printing portion. This way they can get them produced and sent out to you fairly quickly.

Whenever there is an opportunity to be part of a client meeting, donate a couple of mugs to their kitchen. That’s a gift that will last a long time, and they will appreciate it. Also, your name will be in front of them all on a repeated and regular basis. Pushing the extra mile for your clients requires handing out promotional products now and then. So go online and allow the specialists to assist you with their extensive inventory. Promotional gifts are always appreciated and can yield great results!

2010-03-28 15:44:32

You’re the boss. You’re the main manager. You have a lot on your plate and now you have yet another project or task - deciding on corporate gifts. This is a difficult one since you’re dealing with your employees, which are your main assets. There are no guidelines and you have no direction on what to do. It seems every year you tend to push this to the bottom of your “to do” list and procrastinate. You always seem to get something boring and not very valued by your employees. So what are you to do?

These days there are so many different items that can fit your budget. Get creative and search online; you will surely be pleasantly surprised as to how many different options you have available at your fingertips – literally, you can buy everything you need and find everything you want via a few clicks of your mouse.

So this year don’t hold back - go online and start your search.

You can find gifts that will work wonderfully in various events for all of your employees. Whether you are giving gifts for employee recognition rewards, holiday presents, retirement, birthdays, or new births, you will be successful in your online search.

Corporate gifts are great as well for a Sales team that attains a major sales goal, or for a Marketing team that launches an awesome campaign that brings great results or that increases revenue. Shopping on the internet not only saves you time, but it can save you money as well, especially if you purchase in bulk. You can possibly get a bulk discount; be sure to ask for this as it may not be stated or specifically promoted on the website. Just make sure to do your research and find a good vendor. Look for customer feedback or comments to see if others who have previously shopped there have had a positive experience. Watch out for those fake sites and just use your discretion. Once you go online you’ll never go back to waiting in line!

2010-03-26 15:52:00

The Eco Water Saver™ Shower Timer is a fun way to promote water conservation. This eco-friendly product is a twist-action five-minute shower timer with suction mount. Perfect for hotels, water districts, cities, schools, plumbers and conservationists. Made from a shatter-resistant timer and 70% recycled plastic body.

Click here to view the embedded video.

2010-03-26 14:32:29

Companies usually give business gifts to advertise and promote what they offer. However, gifts can also be given to people other than customers and clients. They can be presented in many types of business affairs, such as trade shows, conferences, recognition and award days, anniversaries, and holidays. And there are so many to choose from, whether you want something simple or elegant.

If you want to thank a colleague who has been a good partner and helped you a lot throughout your career, you can give something to show that you really appreciate it. This is where personalized gifts really come into action and serve a meaningful purpose. But it can be quite challenging to find a gift that stands out and is suitable at the same time.

Personalized gifts can make a one of a kind gift for your colleague. You can find different kinds of ways to personalize and customize various fabrics, leathers, wooden or metal items. Some popular choices you may want to consider personalizing include a leather business card case or holder, or a leather bounded business journal or planner. These business gifts are important and very useful accessories for a business professional.

In business, technology may reign supreme, but there’s always room for the elegance of actually writing! Giving a personalized black leather journal to friends who have innovative and intelligent ideas enables them to conveniently write down and preserve their spur of the moment thoughts. It is also great for writing down contact information and jotting down an ever growing to-do list so that nothing is forgotten. This is a sophisticated gift that can make a perfect solution to scratch paper.

You can find these sophisticated business gifts online. Other unique gifts you may consider are personalized bags, magnetic money clips, personalized photo albums, and monogrammed desk accessories. Personalizing your gift is a great and effective way to show how special the person is to you. So make the smart choice to personalize your gift, whether it is for colleagues, friends, or relatives. They will value and appreciate it and who knows, you may get something special in return!

2010-03-25 18:40:16

Snuggies Available with Your LogoQ. What looks like a blanket, has sleeves, keeps you warm from head to toe, and has sold more than four million units worldwide?

A. The Snuggie.

And now you can order the Snuggie decorated with your logo. A fun gift for your employees and favorite clients. It certainly will get them talking.

If your budget doesn’t work for the Snuggie, remember to ask us about the Hugme and the Couch Cozie!

2010-03-23 16:20:19

According to PPAI (Promotional Products Association International):

• 72% of trade show attendees who received a promotional product remembered the name of the company that gave them the product.

• 76% of attendees had a favorable attitude toward the company that gave them the product.

• Including a promotional product with a pre-show mailing increases the likelihood of an attendee stopping by the booth.

• As a rule, promotional products of greater value generate more sales leads than products of lower value.

2010-03-22 20:51:50

Just Shut Up and ListenWhat is the number one complaint customers make about salespeople? According to a survey conducted by the Purchasing Manager’s Association of America, it’s that salespeople talk too much and listen too little.

Poor salespeople dominate the talking. Top sales people dominate the listening.

Here are some tips for active listening:

1. Avoid distractions. Listening is best done in a quiet and relaxed atmosphere.

2. Interact through body language. Stay alert and interested in the conversation.

3. Don’t interrupt. Sounds easy. It’s not.

4. Don’t be afraid of silence. If you ask a question, wait for the answer. Don’t feel as if you have to fill every void in the conversation.

5. Make sure that you understand what the customer is saying. Paraphrase and repeat what the customer has said to make sure that you’re both on the same page.

6. Ask pertinent questions, and don’t be afraid to clarify.

7. Avoid arguing and stay focused.

8. Summarize points that have been made at key moments.

Your customers want to feel like they are the most important thing in your world. They deserve your undivided attention, even if it’s only for a few minutes.

2010-03-21 16:08:28

Tradeshows can be a very overwhelming experience as there is a ton of information to absorb. Each booth offers guests an opportunity to see different exhibitors and to get the latest news and updates on new and exciting products and services. If exhibitors are smart or experienced they will have various pamphlets, brochures, and promotional giveaways to attract attendees and to provide them with details about their goods and services. However, in the end, all these informative handouts are gathered and placed into the tradeshow bag.

Tradeshow bags that are custom made and imprinted with a company logo are an advertising dream for sponsors. Each attendee gets their own bag and repeatedly sees the logo as they walk around the tradeshow.

Everybody likes free stuff, and they need something to lug that stuff in! Bags that are used as tradeshow items are known to deliver more logo impressions over all the other items.

There are various elements to consider when choosing the right tradeshow bag, such as cost, logo size, logo placement, bag features, and bag functionality. Consider what size to make the logo and where on the bag you want to imprint it. Tradeshow bags have advanced and are now much more than just plain and simple tote bags. These bags now come equipped with anything imaginable for keeping your things organized. The best bags typically have feature key rings, pen slots, various compartments, and even headphone ports! These bags have been designed by tradeshow experts who know the importance of having a functional bag when browsing the aisles.

So if you’re planning to spend money on brochures and tradeshow gifts, make sure you also have enough marketing dollars to sponsor the tradeshow bag. Having your logo on a tradeshow bag is a time-tested and proven advertising method that is useful and effective. Brand awareness is a key objective at tradeshows - and there really is no better way to spread your brand name!

2010-03-19 15:50:41

Using imprinted promotional items to increase revenue, sales, and brand awareness is not at all a new idea. In fact, this type of marketing has been around for years! Just look around your home and you’ll see a bunch of promotional free stuff stashed in drawers, magnetized to your fridge, or attached to your keychain ring. You may have magnets on your fridge with a company name, a calendar from your real estate or insurance agent, and pens from your auto shop.

So, how can you utilize such items to draw attention to your business, products, or services? You can hand them out in your lobby, at the counter, or during an event. You can give them away to customers that sign up to receive mail outs, news, company updates, or notifications about product discounts. You can also send them to clients that want to receive news on events your company has planned. How many people will turn down an umbrella, t-shirt, or other promotional logo item just for filling out a form?

Another great outlet for distributing your items is at school functions such as educational funded carnivals or other money making events. You can donate small branded products as prizes for the kids to win, or you can even donate larger items to be auctioned off by the school. You can send out promotional gifts for any holiday or event – even for your company’s anniversary. Your clients, vendors, and business associates will like the fact that you remembered them and will likely use the product repeatedly.

On your list of those to gift, be sure not to leave out your employees. You can give them small or large gifts for various reasons, such as number of years of service, highest sales for the month or year, their birthday, holidays, the birth of a new baby, wedding, an anniversary with your company, and so forth. Last but not least, you can use them for contests. Realistically, you don’t have to try hard or do much to get people to enter a contest to win prizes. There really are tons of ways to use these items. So no matter how, where, or when you do it, make sure you do it right!

2010-03-14 19:18:45

Unique corporate gifts are a great way to convey your appreciation to your co-workers and colleagues. They are a way of maintaining goodwill at work and giving best wishes on festivals, holidays and other special occasions. These gifts can include a wide variety of items ranging from stationery to gourmet gifts. There are some innovative ideas for unique corporate presents!

When it comes to corporate gifts, stationery may be the first thing that comes to mind. However, ensure that you add a personal touch to the stationery by personalizing it. For example notepads, organizers and even pens with the names of your employees can be a great idea.

You can also include bookends and paperweights in this category. Another interesting addition to corporate stationery gifts can be some great reference books or novels that you think will be useful and/or enjoyable. Pen holders or pen-stands have also been very popular corporate gift items. Table clocks or calendars can be useful corporate gifts as well. Knickknacks like key chains, CD covers, bottle openers; water bottles can be great corporate gifts as well.

Calculators and typewriters are history; make way for the new age gadgets that make for excellent gifts. There are a large number of electronic gadgets and gizmos that can be excellent ideas, starting from beverage coolers to laptops and iPods. Beverage coolers or beverage warmers that can be connected via the USB port are quite popular these days. You can also go with pen-drives or flash drives that are easy and convenient options for data storage. If you’re looking for some high-end products, then a sleek laptop might be the thing for you.

Good quality bags are great for corporate gifting. This can include wallets, purses, briefcases or even luggage bags in cases where jobs include a lot of traveling. Stylish leather bags in colors like black, off-white, or maroon can be great options. Sleek briefcases in jet-black or silver are quite in vogue. For the ladies stylish purses and handbags might be great options. Fashionable travel bags that can be used for business travel are a good idea. For an organization that has a very informal and open working atmosphere, backpacks can be a great idea as well!

2010-03-12 19:10:38

In recent years, gift baskets have become extremely popular, with an increasing number of options available. Quite a number of specialty baskets exist, such as baskets for golf lovers, new baby baskets, as well as gourmet baskets. Another type of basket in great demand is the corporate gift basket.

In choosing gifts for business purposes, a company has to decide what it is trying to achieve in giving the gift at all. Like any marketing decision (and let’s be honest, this is marketing), the choice needs to take into account costs, purpose, and benefits, as well as any possible adverse reaction if a bad choice is made. So, your gift basket, if that is the general choice you make, should be appropriate not just to the recipient but to the level and importance of the business relationship you have with them.

I am stating the obvious in saying that the corporate gift basket you send needs to both please the recipient, and further your business relationship with them. But it should also be kept in economic proportions. When you are deciding on your choice of gift basket, and what to include in it, then think very carefully. The best marketing and the best customer relationships are built on an individual basis. Ask yourself: do I not prefer to be treated as an individual, and receive gifts that are personalized?

Deciding what to put into corporate gift baskets requires a bit of thought, which benefits from the “know your customer” rule. Once you have decided on the budget for each basket, and the type of gift that would be appropriate, it is then a matter of being selective within those criteria. For Christmas gift baskets, some advance planning is definitely needed so you can source the best value and quality of products.

You can find suppliers of various gift baskets online who appreciate the need for personalization and will offer a range of options for you. So, if you choose appropriate quality products to fill the basket, and they are suitable for your gift “target”, you can then have one or more items personalized. The types of gifts you can put in the basket are really only limited by your imagination. The more you use your imagination, the more individual your gift basket will be!

2010-03-12 15:52:08

As Earth Day quickly approaches, we continue to look for interesting items that fit well within an eco-friendly promotional campaign. This week we’ll focus on products made from recycled content.

There are two types of recycled material available for manufacturing: post-consumer and post-manufacturing. Post-consumer is previously used material that comes directly from products such as used water bottles that have been shredded, purified and reformed into another product. Post-manufacturing material comes from scrap raw material left over from producing another product. This material otherwise would be thrown away.

Did You Know: Recycling plastic saves 70% of the energy used to create new plastic. Paper recycling saves 40% of the energy required to make a new product.

Eco-Friendly Recycled Promotional Products

Recycled Piggy Bank
A fun promotional novelty, take your pick from piggy banks made partially from retired currency, denim scraps, yellow pages or electronics.

Recycled Notebook Jotter SetRecycled Notebook Jotter Set
Take note – on recycled paper, that is! The natural, 60-page, top spiral bound mini jotter and matching pen are held neatly in a transparent snap pouch.

Recycled Duffel Bag (made from water bottles)
Carrying this black duffel will feel so natural! Eco-friendly, the overall bag is made of 90% recycled material, 80% post-consumer recycled pet, has 26″ handles, 56″ adjustable webbed shoulder strap, zip closure, and a front pocket.

Recycled 4” x 6” Photo Frame
Eco-friendly frames are as meaningful as the photos within them. This one is 4”x6” and has a hinged easel back made from recycled Kraft paper and backing board.

Recycled Messenger BagRecycled Messenger Bag (made from water bottles)
Be the messenger for going green! This black messenger bag is made of 90% recycled material, Fabric: 80% post-consumer recycled PET. The removable/adjustable webbed shoulder strap makes it easy to carry all the items you tuck into the front flap pocket with Velcro closure, zippered front pocket, side elastic pocket and side pen holders.

Recycled Sport Bag (made from recycled PET)
A bag worth sporting! Perfect for the gym, sports field or any adventure, it features a drawstring closure, front pocket, and comes in black, blue and red.

Recycled Notebook Journal SetRecycled Notebook Journal Set
Writing has never felt this natural! This eco-friendly spiral notebook, equipped with a matching pen and transparent snap pouch, is filled with 60 pages of recycled paper.

Recycled Note and Flag Set
Post it again! Made of recycled paper, this flag and note set appeals to an eco-friendly lifestyle. It comes with five colors of flags (20 each) and a 65×65mm light yellow note pad with 20 sheets.

Eco-Friendly Recycled Pencils

Encore Recycled Pens & Pencils
A great line of pens and pencils made from at least 30% post-consumer waste. These items are made from recycled denim, currency and newspapers. Get write on it.

Made from 75% recycled newspaper and 25% new paper, five colors to choose from and brass-colored ferrules with green erasers make this an ecological sound investment in our future. Easy to sharpen and splinter free. Taper reveals recycled newsprint!

Recycled Tote BagsRecycled Tote (made from water bottles)
Promote the three R’s with this eco-friendly tote! Reduce, reuse and carry around this bag made with 98% recycled material. Fabric: 80% post-consumer recycled PET. It has 26″ handles, 4″ gusset and comes in classic black or white.

Still need more ideas? Just give us a call. We’re full of them!

2010-03-07 16:07:59

If you are thinking about distributing branded promotional items, then now is the time to go for it! There are virtually limitless opportunities to meet potential customers and to acquire new ones. By giving away branded items that have your logo imprinted on them, you can advertise and promote your business like a pro. There are some time tested and proven marketing strategies that can be used to advertise a business via promotional products.

Have you ever thought about hosting a raffle, giving out door prizes, or holding an auction? There are always fundraisers that offer perfect opportunities to give away your branded promotional products. Advertising through fundraisers is a multi-faceted strategy that should not be overlooked or underestimated.

What about fair or bazaar booths? Booths are a fabulous way for you to hand out promotional tote bags. The attendance at these kinds of events is usually high, so there can easily be thousands of people that will walk past and see your booth throughout the event. Have you ever hears of guerilla marketing? Promotional items fit in nicely with guerilla marketing. This is the kind of advertising where people are drawn to your business right off the street. You can give out promotional things like tote bags, pens, mugs, and magnets, along with coupons that must be redeemed on that day only.

There is virtually no end to the number of ways that you can advertise with branded promotional products. And these products are inexpensive when compared to other methods of advertising. Just think about it - for the price of just one newspaper ad, you could purchase hundreds of items that keep on advertising for as long as they are being used.

So, if promo products are currently not a part of your marketing campaign, then you need to take initiative and make some changes. Setting aside a small amount of your budget and using it to buy some promo items can really boost your business and yield you great results!

2010-03-07 13:26:46

Founded by U.S. Senator Gaylord Nelson in 1970, Earth Day was created to inspire awareness and appreciation for the Earth’s environment. On April 22nd we will celebrate another Earth Day and recognize there is still much work to be done. We continue to strive to protect our planet and our resources. We’ve been happy to watch our industry move towards utilizing more eco-friendly materials and renewable resources.

The key to sustainable resources is that they naturally replenish at a quicker pace than other resources. Good examples include products that are made from bamboo and cotton.

Eco-Friendly Bamboo Promotional Products

Bamboo is the fastest-growing plant on Earth. It has been clocked surging skyward as fast as 121 cm (47.6 inches) in a 24-hour period. Here are some of our favorite bamboo products:

Turkish Bamboo/Cotton RobeTurkish Bamboo/Cotton Robe
Environmentally friendly bamboo has many qualities that make it an excellent choice for fabric. More absorbent than cotton, bamboo is soft to the touch and exceptionally durable. A choice that is certain to make a lasting impression.

Bamboo Pen
Write down more ways to recycle, reduce and reuse with this eco-friendly pen! The bamboo gives it a natural feel, while the black, blue or green plastic parts are completely biodegradable.

Bamboo Keyring
The key to being eco-friendly! Give any set of keys a natural, earthy feel with this rectangular bamboo keyring.

Bamboo USB DriveBamboo USB Drive
USB drives have been among our most popular corporate gifts these last few years. And this Bamboo USB Drive is a great addition to our bamboo line of products.

Bamboo Frame and Clock
Candid – a natural moment of time! Capture that idea with this bamboo photo frame and clock. With its neutral appeal, it will look lovely anywhere you put it.

Bamboo Kitchen SetBamboo Kitchen Set
The natural way to cook! This eco-friendly, 4-piece bamboo kitchen utensil set will keep you cooking for years. It includes an FDA compliant fork, spoon, spatula, and tongs in a matching bamboo holder.

Bamboo 4-Coaster Set
Any drink will sit naturally on one of these bamboo coasters. This eco-friendly set includes 4 coasters and a matching holder.

Bamboo Card Holder
Your business cards will fit naturally in this eco-friendly, arch design desktop business card holder. It is carefully constructed from sustainable bamboo.

Bamboo BBQ SetBamboo BBQ Set
Fire up the grill and cook el natural! The utensil handles and even the case in this eco-friendly, 5-piece BBQ set are made of bamboo and steel. It includes a serrated-edge spatula with bottle opener, BBQ fork, tongs, knife, and a basting brush.

Bamboo Pen Holder
A natural look! This eco-friendly, two-tone striped desktop pen holder is made of sustainable bamboo. Your favorite writing instruments will be sure to stay secure.

Cotton is another great example of a sustainable resource. And like bamboo, there are plenty of great promotional items made from cotton.

Natural Cotton and Organic Cotton TotesNatural Cotton and Organic Cotton Totes
Lots of natural cotton and organic cotton totes available in many shapes and sizes. The Pulire Organic Cotton Tote is one of our favorites. This lovely tote has 29″ strong rope handles secured with durable metal eyelets, an extra wide 8″ gusset, and a nice black trim.

All Cotton Oven Mitts
No need to play hot potato with this oven mitt! It has a thick quilted texture and a small hanging loop for easy storage. Available in classic black, blue and red.

All Cotton Aprons
Keep clean while you whisk around the kitchen or grill! This eco-friendly indoor/outdoor apron has two front pockets, a neck strap and waist tie straps. Choose from three great colors: black, blue and red.

Cotton Canvas Messenger BagsCotton Canvas Messenger Bags
Military inspired messenger in more ways than one! Durable and eco-friendly, it has a zippered pocket on under the front flap, several more pockets with Velcro and zip closures for accessories, and a large main compartment.

Organic Cotton T-Shirts
There’s nothing more comfortable than a good cotton t-shirt. And apparel is still the most purchased of all promotional merchandise.

These are just a few of the unique and innovative earth-friendly products you can tie into your next promotional campaign. Next time we’ll talk about some great products made from recycled content!

2010-03-05 15:57:31

Giving out business promotional items during tough economic times may not seem like a top priority for many companies. But think about the long term implications of this advertising and promotional method. You can gain more returns and benefits than you’re able to imagine.

When choosing what items to hand out to your prospective customers, you should find things that tie in with your products or services.

Since the attention span of customers is quite short, you can increase product retention in the minds of your customers if you give them a specialized item. Select one that is easily identifiable with your company and complements your business. That way you will be easily remembered when receivers have a need for your products or services.

Carefully choose business promotional items that your customers will find worthy. Also, select ones that will last over a long period of time. Seasonal giveaways may be a nice fit for your target market, but they limit your company’s exposure. The same thing goes if you give out edible products or fragile items. So go for something that can be used throughout the whole year, such as calendars.

The business promotional items should give your customers a positive impression and should reflect what values your business is made of. So make sure that your giveaways represent the strength and competence of your company. To guide you even more regarding what items you should distribute, think of something that makes people smile. Give out something people will like, use, and enjoy. The more they use it and the longer it lasts, the better! The success of your promotional campaign will be improved even more if you are able to relay a positive impression to your consumers. Show them that despite difficult and touch times, you still think of them and find ways to give them something back. Let them know that you are thankful for their ongoing support and patronage, which builds loyalty that will last.

2009-11-17 14:53:31

Custom Corporate Gifts

With the first bit of snow falling this week in northeast Kansas, it reminds me that it’s that time of year. Yep. Time to let your customers, staff, suppliers and potential clients know how much you care. And while you’re at it, make sure you reinforce your brand in the process!

Here are just a few great ideas to get your wheels turning.

Promotional USB DrivesUSB Drives
Available in dozens of styles, USB Drives are popular and useful gifts. These drives can also be preloaded with your catalog or company information.

Puzzle Globe
This extraordinary 72-pice Puzzle Globe features a high-polish globe with matte silver world map. Use the matte silver magnetic base to remove the puzzle pieces from the globe.

Office Dirt
One of the most unique personalized gifts available – Office Dirt. Your clients will love the gift of life.

Activo Insulated TotesActivo Insulated Totes
Made by Picnic Time, these insulated totes feature multiple pockets and an expanded main storage area. Features water resistant lining and is available in several colors.

18 oz. Stainless Steel Mug with Car Warmer
Millions of Americans drink coffee. So make sure they’re drinking coffee out of mug with your logo printed on it. Features a car adapter and a temperature indicator on the handle.

Equinox Wine Sack
An insulated, single bottle wine duffel with adjustable should strap. Includes stainless steel corkscrew. Made by Picnic Time.

Bamboo Photo Frame
Utilizing bamboo saves trees and improves the atmosphere. Show that you care about the environment and your staff with these Bamboo Photo Frames. Holds a standard 4” x 6” photo.

Grill Master Traditional BBQ SetGrill Master Traditional BBQ Set
Many of us grill year round. And these are the ultimate set of tools for any Grill Master.

Deluxe Grocery Shopper
This is a durable and reusable shopping bag. Ideal for quick trips to the grocery store. These non-woven bags are eco-friendly and uber-popular.

Cotton Cinchpack
Made from 100% cotton, this cinchpack is a great value. A useful gift for people on the go.

24 oz. h2go Stainless Steel Bottle
Stainless Steel and Aluminum Water Bottles have been among our most popular promotional items this year. Tons of styles and colors available, but the h2go Balance Bottle is definitely one of our favorites.

Cutter & Buck American Classic Wine SetCutter & Buck American Classic Wine Set
Set includes stainless steel wine pourer, drip ring and wine opener in a 1-piece flap-over carrying case. Cutter & Buck branding on case and opener. Includes a 2-piece Cutter & Buck presentation box.

Bell Ornament Set
Help your customers ring in the holidays with the Bell Ornament Set. This fine holiday gift features six bells.

2009-08-18 14:21:13

School Spirit Items

Fall is quickly approaching. And with Fall comes time for School Spirit! The smells of tailgating. And the sounds of crazy fans at football games.

Included here are ten of our most popular School Spirit Items. These can all be custom imprinted with your team’s mascot or company logo.

1. Megaphones are excellent giveaways at games or rallies. Some are available with caps so that they can be sold filled with popcorn.

2. Sports Pennants are popular giveaways and are typically displayed with pride for many years.

3. ThunderStix Noisemakers offer an effective way for your fans to make a lot of noise. Blow them up, bang them together, and intimidate the other team.

4. Nalgene Water Bottles are our most popular drinkware items, and are great to display school spirit or for fundraisers. Other popular Sports Water Bottles include Camelbak Bottles and the very popular Aluminum Sports Bottles.

5. Football games can seem long when sitting on those hard bleachers. Make your fans comfortable with Stadium Seats and Stadium Cushions.

6. For some protection against rain, make sure you’ve got Rain Ponchos imprinted with your school’s mascot.

7. Whether you choose the dense foam footballs, plastic replica balls or authentic leather footballs, Sports Balls are ideal giveaways at rallies and other outdoor events.

8. Pep Rags and Rally Towels are great to wear, and great to wave. Available in many colors and styles.

9. How can your team ever be number one unless your fans are equipped with Foam Number One Hands.

10. Plastic Stadium Cups are perfect for concessions, and your fans will collect them.

2010-04-12 20:48:47

Typically, most people associate corporate gifts with large companies. However, these days that paradigm has definitely changed. Small companies are just as likely to give out gifts to valued employees, customers, and clients. Even some departments within a larger corporation give out their own gifts.

It is common for people to assume that all of the gifts handed out are worthless trinkets. The problem becomes: who wants another engraved pen, key chain, or refrigerator magnet? And who wants one more of those annoying imprinted calendars? We carry PDA’s and cell phones now with calendars and electronic appointment schedulers; they are virtually extensions of ourselves.

Still, corporate giveaways can excite people and make a longer lasting impression if they are considered to be “hot” items. Baseball caps with your product or corporate logo are a welcome addition to most everyone’s wardrobe, both male and female. Items that have a lengthier use life puts your brand in front of people longer and in more varied settings.

A great opportunity for corporate promotional gifts is during recruiting at job fairs. At a job fair, you are likely to find a very nicely presented portfolio that includes a business card, company history, quarterly report, pen, tote bag, and perhaps even a specially designed mug or insulated cup holder. No matter what negative comments you may have heard about that company, it will not be obvious as you browse their table at the job fair. Their corporate gifts speak of a company that has the utmost respect and compassion for those in its employ, and unless you know otherwise, you will be taken in by the charm that these simple, useful gifts imply.

Online promotional gifts stores have gained great popularity since they save a lot of time and can be found in an instant. Imprinted promotional gifts have virtually unlimited options and possibilities and can come in mix and match themes. Business events and company parties are perfect venues for distributing these gifts. Coming in various styles and designs, they are a good way to help achieve new business goals. After all, it is better to give than to receive when it comes to promotional giveaways.


2010-04-10 20:02:25

A large percentage of business marketers are cutting their budget. They are looking to get more “bang for their buck” and are looking for longer lasting effects from their expenditures. They are researching much more before investing in various campaigns and projects. These practices are becoming essential for surviving in our current economic downturn.

Whether they are putting smaller ads in newspapers and magazines, giving out cheaper promotional gifts, or cutting back on office and supply expenses, people are really working to stretch their dollars to stay within budget. However, while doing so they are still trying to enhance brand awareness, increase online traffic, and maximize their public relations. It is necessary to creatively spend money to grow a firm’s market share during this economic storm.

Remember, the budget provides guidelines for spending and saving. So if work has been put into the creation of a budget or expenditure plan, it is important to stay disciplined and follow it. Although it is clear how budgeting can help reach goals, there are common problems that arise once there is an established budget, so it is important to follow solutions to help stay within budgetary guidelines.

Budget projections are just a guess and everyone is bound to miss their estimates. It does not indicate a bad or unintelligent businessperson. The more practice and time put into it, the closer the estimates will fall to actual numbers. If revenue is more than what was forecasted then it may be a good idea to invest in better equipment, resources, or strategies. Just make sure that the inflow of cash is greater than the outflow.

Overstate the expenses and underestimate the expected revenue. This is a strong, solid tactic for ensuring cash flow holds up. Search for money savers such as getting a better telephone plan, buying less expensive supplies, ordering non-personalized promotional items, and other ways to reduce the burden on costs. Remember, money not spent is money that doesn’t have to be earned.


2010-04-25 20:40:43

If you are looking for inexpensive advertising for your small business, then you will be satisfied with the affordable cost and great exposure that promotional logo items offer. There are many items that you can use for promotional purposes and fortunately, finding the items that are perfect for your business is easy because of all the choices available on the market these days.

There are a few different factors that you will want to take into consideration when you are deciding which items to use for your business. It is very helpful to choose an item that has a specific use and is practical for your target market. This will make it more valuable and appreciated by the people receiving them. However, what you will be doing with these things does make a difference. For example, if the items that you are distributing are meant to be tossed to people that are watching a parade go by, then you will want to purchase things that are very inexpensive. This could be plastic items or beaded necklaces with logo medallions.

What you end up choosing to give away should also depend on how you will be using the item. Many companies will make donations to local charities and this is a good way to get positive exposure and to create a good impression among people. Instead of giving money, you could donate things that you are certain people will actually need.

The nice thing about buying promotional logo items is that you can actually have some things with your name or logo on them for sale at your business too. If you have t-shirts made for a grand opening of your boutique, you don’t have to give them all away. Give them to the first 50 people that come through the doors and buy something. Then have them for sale later on for future visitors and customers. If they look great with nice colors and a cool design, then people will love them and pay for them. That way you will have both a nice revenue stream and effective advertising!


2010-04-23 20:25:11

A gift basket is a great gift idea that is suitable for so many different occasions. There are a number of online vendors and brick and mortar gift shops that have made this a popular trend. Gift baskets are simply more stylish and sophisticated when compared to ordinary gifts.

Aside from occasions and events like birthdays, weddings, and house warming parties, gift baskets have now found a place in business workplaces and in the corporate world. Exchanging gifts has become an important part of both formal and informal business related events. It doesn’t really matter what the purpose or occasion is; you will be able to give a gift basket that is perfectly suitable and appropriate.

Though there are not any specific rules that are set in stone and there is no official list of do’s and don’ts to follow regarding what the contents of a gift basket should be, people should make sure to be both thoughtful and considerate about what items they choose to pack into a basket. This is even more crucial if it is a corporate gift basket. So what kinds of things can you put into a these gift baskets? The assortment of items should be chosen according to the type of event or occasion. Corporate food gifts are great for filling the baskets and can be packed in varying amounts and combinations.

Selecting gifts for your colleagues is definitely more challenging than picking gifts for family members or close friends. Things like guidelines, workplace culture, and office policies need be taken into account when you are deciding on your gift. There is no doubt that the stakes at a workplace are higher and the factors to take into consideration are greater and more complex.

The aim of giving gifts in a corporate or business setting is to help stimulate goodwill at work and to cultivate relationships with your colleagues or boss. Even though things you gift should be unique and distinguished, make sure your gifts are at the same time appropriate and professional. This is why a nice assortment of corporate food gifts packed in baskets may be the smartest and best option!


2010-04-20 15:05:29

Utilizing promotional products is a great way to build brand awareness for your organization. There are thousands of products available at virtually every price point imaginable. So where do you start? How about leaning on somebody else’s brand to help build your own brand awareness. When a name brand product is used as part of your promotional campaign, the good will of the name brand will help support your own brand. And a name brand product typically provides for a higher perceived value than other promotional gifts. Here are a few of my favorite brands available through promotional marketing.

3M Post-it Notes3M
This is a company with a great history of innovation beginning in 1902.  3M invented a number of interesting products from waterproof sandpaper in the early ’20s to Post-it Notes in 1980. You know that a product has achieved a great level of success when the name of the product is ingrained into our consciousness like Post-it Notes. We offer some less expensive alternatives such as BIC Sticky Notes, but in our opinion, 3M’s Post-it Notes are still the best adhesive notes on the market today. They come in all shapes and sizes, and can be imprinted with your company information.

Nalgene and Camelbak Water BottlesNalgene and Camelbak
Two of the most recognizable brand names in drinkware, Nalgene and Camelbak produce the best water bottles available.  They’re nearly indestructible and are now made from BPA-free materials. Durable water bottles are also eco-friendly. Did you know that 8 in every 10 plastic water bottles end up in a landfill? And that we use more than 1.5 million barrels of oil annually to make these water bottles? Just imagine if we all started using refillable water bottles instead. And then imagine if everyone had a refillable water bottle with your logo on it.

Buck Knives and Swiss Army KnivesBuck Knives and Swiss Army Knives
There are a number of name brands available, but when it comes to knives, give me a Buck or a Swiss Army every time. Buck makes a great assortment of hunting knives and folding pocket knives that can be engraved with your logo. And haven’t we all had a Swiss Army Knife at some point in our lives? Their multi-function knives make awesome gifts. I’ve got a couple of them. They are still among the most popular knives in the industry.

Fossil WatchesFossil Watches
Another name brand I have a personal fondness for is Fossil. I wear a Fossil watch, as does my wife. At my last business, we used to give Fossil Watches to our employees on their fifth anniversary with the company. They offer a nice variety of high-quality watches. Most brands of watches including Timex and Callaway are available and can be decorated with your organization’s logo.

Coleman CoolersColeman
Yes, that Coleman. The makers of Coleman coolers! Coleman was founded more than 100 years ago in Wichita, Kansas. Originally a manufacturer of lanterns, Coleman expanded into leisure and camping products when they introduced a galvanized steel cooler in 1954. By the ’60s, Coleman had become the biggest name in the camping business. A great and trusted brand. And a great promotional gift that can be imprinted with your brand.

Nike Promotional ProductsNike
In our book, Nike is a winner all the way. The brand carries more oomph than virtually any other brand on the market today. The Nike swoosh is possibly the most recognizable logo ever created. And there are a number of Nike products available to the promotional products industry including apparel, golf balls, golf bags, sunglasses, golf shoes and golf clubs.

Edibles are often overlooked as promotional gifts, but there’s typically no faster way to a client’s heart than through their stomach. And it doesn’t stop with the M&Ms. We’ve got Skittles, Jelly Belly, LifeSavers and much more. Yum. Great packaging and decoration ideas. All you’ve got to do is ask.

All of this is just the beginning. We’ve got Alicia Klein, Baden, BIC, Case Logic, Cutter & Buck, FootJoy, Jockey, Munsingwear, Pinnacle, Prang, RCC Koozie, Sharpie, Slinky, Tervis Tumbler, Thermos, Titleist, uni-ball, Wilson, Zippo and much more. Utilizing a name brand will help you build your own brand awareness.

2010-04-18 20:22:15

Promotional merchandise is all over the place. It only takes a look around to see that they are used all over, especially in your own life. Generally, there are tons of products that can be used in this way, but it is the handy items that you will see more often. These things are not expensive and that is yet another reason why they are popular and work well for companies. Simple things that can be used are the best.

The main reason that these items work so well is because of cost. They will not take too much money to buy and distribute, and that is a big plus. It is a lot cheaper than alternative advertising methods. These products work to keep the company name and logo in front of people and help them keep those companies in mind. It really is a simple idea.

While cost certainly plays into the effectiveness of promotional products, their usefulness is important as well. It is also important to bear in mind that promotional products seen by others are also more effective than those that might be tucked away in a desk drawer, eaten, or taken home. Sure, gift baskets or boxes of chocolate with the company name on them might be nice items to give to a customer, but once the items inside are eaten, they cease to serve the purpose for which they were intended - acting as marketing devices. However, with a calendar, you could get a year’s worth of advertising, a pen might last years, and a clipboard could last a decade or more and be seen by dozens of people.

Promotional product marketing is a proven way to improve sales and promote a company’s branding. A key factor to a successful promotional marketing campaign is choosing a product that is not only eye catching and of high quality but also practical. A promotional item can be any customizable item that represents a company’s or business’ brand. However, some promotional products are more practical than others and so with that in mind – get out there and choose the right products to market your business!