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When you are looking for an attorney you are likely to be influenced by cost but when it comes to finding a DUI attorney you had better be prepared to pay a pretty penny if you plan to get the high quality representation that you will need to fight the battle that lies ahead.  DUI’s have become quite a bit more serious over the past several years and these days if you are caught driving under the influence then you are very likely to face jail time, depending on where you reside, even if it is your very first offense.

There is very little tolerance anymore for those who choose to get behind the wheel of the car when they have been drinking, likely because this is the cause of many accidents and deaths each year.  Killing yourself while behind the wheel is one thing but when it comes to taking innocent lives of those who just happen to have the unfortunate chance of being on the same road as you, well it is for this reason that the courts simply won’t tolerate the ignorance with so many other options at play.


And honestly you may not be the only one who gets in trouble if you are caught driving under the influence and if a bar or a friend knew you were intoxicated and continued to allow you to drink and then drive home, they too may be held partially accountable especially in cases where lives have been taken.  There are no innocent parties to this event any more.


A good attorney can likely help you get a reduced sentence and perhaps even get you off with some community service especially for a first offense DUI.  You will very likely have to attend some classes driving classes, drinking classes, or even an outpatient rehabilitation facility.  But doing all this will seem like a piece of cake as compared to the alternative.


When looking for an attorney be sure to sit down with them and talk to them face to face.  This will help you to get all the information you need to choose an attorney that is right for you.  And be sure to avoid trying to get a deal, unless you want to do hard time you are going to have to pay the big bucks for sure.

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