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The Facts About DUI

A DUI is defined as driving under the influence. Many people think that a DUI is just about alcohol. A DUI could be under the influence of drugs or alcohol. Either way it is a crime. A harsh reality that carries punishments including jail times, fines, probation, drug and alcohol counseling, community service, license revocation, fines or a combination of any of those.

Now let’s talk vehicles for a minute. Many people again have the notion that the have to be driving a car or truck to get arrested for DUI. Think again! A vehicle in the case goes beyond cars and trucks to boats, motorcycles and bicycles.

Okay say you get pulled over and take a breathalyzer test and blow a .09. In all states, the legal limit is .08. Now the .08 is the level in which you are considered to be under the influence. Many people think that .08 is the highest level in which they can legally drive. You can still blow a .08 and under and still be arrested in certain circumstances. These include being underage, showing obvious signs of impairment and commercial drivers. If a person blows way over the legal limit, which in most states is .15, that person is charged with aggravated DUI which is a more serious crime.

If you are pulled over because the cop thinks you are drunk, you will be given a breathalyzer or field sobriety test. If the cop thinks you are drunk, he will arrest you and take you down to the station to be booked and processed. You cannot bond out until your alcohol level is down to a lower level. Before you leave the jail, you will be given a court date or it will be sent to you by mail.

Each state holds their own laws when it comes to drinking and driving but it is without a doubt illegal in all states. The consequences received will depend on the specific laws of your state. It will also depend on whether it was aggravated DUI, if you were in an accident, if anyone was hurt, if any property was damaged as well as the number of times you have been convicted in the past.

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