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What you should do if you have been stopped for driving while intoxicated

What you should do if you have been stopped for driving while intoxicated

If you have recently received a DUI or DWI, you know how embarrassing and costly it can be. A DUI/DWI can affect not only your legal and driving record, but also your life on the job. You may face stiff fines, court-mandated alcohol education classes, or a suspension of your driver's license. A professional Clinton County, IA DUI Attorney can help you navigate through the difficult legal process that you face. An experienced DUI Lawyer is familiar with the laws of your city, state, and county. They know what questions to ask in court. If you have recently received a DUI in Iowa, you should contact a Clinton County, IA DWI Lawyer as soon as possible. The court system can be very confusing, and missing important dates can result in more fines and penalties. Clinton County, IA DUI Attorneys are professionals prepared to help you through this difficult time and minimize the impact of a DUI/DWI on your personal and professional life.

DUI's or Driving Under the Influence, are tragic and can happen to just about anyone. DUI's do not discriminate nor know no class difference. From the rich to the poor, teachers to lawyers and doctors to the unemployed, many people have been arrested for them. DUI laws are complicated enough, and without good representation, especially in Iowa, convictions and sentences can be brutal. Have no fear, we are here to help. We understand that DUI's can be complicated and complex; We are not here to judge you nor make you feel embarrassed. Some of the least unsuspecting people have endured DUI's and can tell you that a Clinton County, IA DUI Attorney would be exactly what you need. In assisting you, we understand the potential impact that a DUI arrest and conviction can have on your life, your career, your profession and more. Please contact us, and feel confident that we are the right Clinton County, IA DUI Lawyers for you.

A DUI is no laughing matter when it comes down to receiving one. First time offenders will soon find out that not only are they going to have to pay more than $250 in court fees, violators can risk serving jail time, having their license suspended, as well have to serve community service on a weekly basis. Let's not forget about the Clinton County, IA DUI Attorney fees and other legal fees. When everything is said and done, not only can one lose their job because of a suspended license, it can cause a lot of hardship on one's family. Let's not also forget about how low a bank account can get as well. DUI offenses are very serious, and if you haven't strapped up with a Clinton County, IA DWI Lawyer yet, it's highly advisable that one is attained immediately.

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